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Dennis Hardes

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Dennis Hardes (1978) is an Artdirector, entrepreneur, designer and artist from Hoofddorp (The Netherlands).


He previously used his artworks in graphic designs for corporate companies, including in international art books for The Elephant Parade. In his work he combines his vision as a designer with his passion to find new forms for feelings and visions that are separate from the tighter frameworks of graphic design.


Dennis explains:

My paintings are mainly visual stories about "curiosity" and then that specific curiosity that we all had when we were children. I try to maintain that open-mindedness in my work as a graphic designer and in my paintings. That sounds easier than it is, but I think it is very important to always try. It's a process. Do not analyze everything to pieces, but let go, try, discover and follow my basic feeling. What made me happy as a child? Then why don't I do that anymore? Why did I dare to make "mistakes" as a child? My paintings therefore vary from beautiful graphical (in balance) to sketchy-anything-is-everything-possible where it could almost be pages from my diary. I use whatever medium I think I can use. Pages from books, acrylic paint, oil paint, markers, children's airbrush pens, adhesive tape, pencil, brushes, putty knives, painter's knives, glue, felt-tip pens, epoxy, thermic coatings, etc.


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